New Paintings: Fall 2016

Goldfinch on Thistle
  • Goldfinch on Thistle
Iris Symphony
  • Iris Symphony
Bee on Blueberry Blossoms
  • Bee on Blueberry Blossoms
Juneberry and Finches
  • Juneberry and Finches
Reaching Tulips
  • Reaching Tulips
  • Flow
  • Amaryllis
Star Gazing
  • Star Gazing
Tulip Deflowered
  • Tulip Deflowered
Pledge of Love
  • Pledge of Love
Night Bloomers
  • Night Bloomers
Golden Quince
  • Golden Quince
Family Portrait
  • Family Portrait
  • Complements
Autumn Farmer's Market
  • Autumn Farmer's Market
Spring Love
  • Spring Love
Apple Picking
  • Apple Picking
Peony Study
  • Peony Study
Keuka Lake Summer
  • Keuka Lake Summer
Peony Farm
  • Peony Farm
Cloud Study
  • Cloud Study
  • Cardinal
Quince Branches
  • Quince Branches
Single Sunflower
  • Single Sunflower
Star Gazer Lilies
  • Star Gazer Lilies
Lilac Study
  • Lilac Study
  • Phalaenopsis
Tulip Couple
  • Tulip Couple
California Sketchbook
  • California Sketchbook
Mushroom Study
  • Mushroom Study