Recent Paintings, 2011

Clematis (with silver leaf)
  • Clematis (silver leaf)
Bipartisanship (Cherries on plate)
  • Bipartisanship
Reclining Papaya (with silver leaf)
  • Reclining Papaya
Quince Branches in Vase (with gold leaf)
  • Quince Branches in Vase
Feast  (Beetles on Hibiscus with gold leaf)
  • Feast (Beetles on Hibiscus)
Helleborus (with silver leaf)
  • Helleborus
Drama Queen (Peony)
  • Drama Queen
Hanging Orchids
  • Hanging Orchids
Peony Couple
  • Peony Couple
Fall: Japanese Maple (with gold leaf)
  • Fall: Japanese Maple
Spring (Robin)
  • Spring (Robin)
Spring: Flowering Crab Apple (with gold leaf)
  • Spring: Flowering Crab Apple
Hope of Spring (with silver leaf)
  • Hope of Spring
Study of Forsythia
  • Study of Forsythia
Forsythia in Jar
  • Forsythia in Jar
Orchid (with gold leaf)
  • Orchid
Bleeding Hearts
  • Bleeding Hearts
Frog and Petals
  • Frog and Petals
Japanese Maple Leaves in Jar
  • Japanese Maple Leaves in Jar
Plein Air Irises
  • Plein Air Irises
  • Narcissus
Preparations (Cherries)
  • Preparations (Cherries)
Cherry Branch (with gold leaf)
  • Cherry Branch
Potential (Eggs and Rosebud)
  • Potential (Eggs & Rosebud)
Cherry Branch Diptych (with gold leaf)
  • Cherry Branch Diptych (1)
Cherry Branch Diptych (with gold leaf)
  • Cherry Branch Diptych (2)
Three Sisters
  • Three Sisters
Wild Azaleas (with gold leaf)
  • Wild Azaleas
Harvest Moon
  • Harvest Moon
  • Blueberries
Hollyhocks and Tractor
  • Hollyhocks and Tractor
Farmer’s Market
  • Farmer’s Market
Corning Bridge
  • Corning Bridge